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The temperature will go off scale Бизнес

4 дня назад Эскорт услуги » Эскорт для мужчин Киев - 20 #Номер объявления: 95276
2 500 грн.
  • The temperature will go off scale
  • The temperature will go off scale
  • The temperature will go off scale

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Местонахождение: Киев
Цена: 2 500 грн.

In a constantly kindling passion, you and I burst into the room along the way, taking off our clothes, your hand is already in my panties and in complete darkness I do not even think about knowing your name. Things are scattered on the floor, and you slowly enter between my buttocks, I moan a little gasping with pleasure, and I don’t even remember your face, I thought for a second, but now it doesn’t matter, there is me and you, and you are in me, this is the most important thing now. And even an hour and a half ago, I could not even imagine that everything would be exactly like this, and after all, you just wrote to me, in WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram, or maybe you just called?)) Don't delay, make my fantasies come true right now.


Вес 57
Рост 165
Возраст 28
Тип Предлагаю